uMakhwyaneuMakhweyane “has a gourd resonator mounted near the center of the stave. The string is metal, made of wire, and is divided into two sections by means of a wire loop, which is ‘anchored’ inside the gourd. This loop also goes around the main string.

The bow stave is held with fingers 3, 4 and 5 holding the stave and the index finger is free to stop the lower string segment, usually with the knuckle. Playing action involves sharp staccato-like strokes on the string segments” (Mandela, 2005).

The calabash creates a distinctive overtone structure that adds to the unique quality of the instrument’s sound.

uMakhweyane was originally made to be played by women, but is now accepted as an instrument for all people The same instrument can be found in Swaziland and is widely played by older women.

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