for Xitende transcribed from the performance of Mr Peter Chuma Transcribed by Lwei Netshivhale  2019

This song directly refers to some of the political social ills, which took place in our country. During apartheid era, most people died because of spies. People would badmouth others so that they could be in good books with the then authorities. They sold others to authorities just to be trusted.

Direct translation
The master Xitende player is talking you, can you see!!!
I am In’wasi Malungana can you see!!! I am here to bring good news. The great composer around the world is talking to you. Are you listening? Unpleasant matters just hurt my heart, can you see?
In Zululand and in kaNgwana there’s a girl who keeps badmouthing people.

Call and response: She does not sleep when she has something to gossip about.

It brings divisions and sorrows. Why are you fighting grandchildren? As grandchildren we are fighting over money. Do not fight over money because witches will find something to divide you further. The fight between the English and the Germans has now started. Do not ever go back to your drinking habits. I am concern I must warn you. Cattle are eating crops, boys please run to stop them from eating in the people’s fields. Can you hear me? I am talking to you. Certain matters makes my heart to bleed.