Children playing and challenging each other to sing eQonce

eQonce is the isXhosa name of King Williams Town in the Eastern Cape. eQonce is a rhythmic tongue-twister to familiarise children in the clicks used in isiXhosa. This particular version of the song is mixed with clicks from the San languages as well.



Xhegwazana phek’ ipapa!                         Old granny make the Pap!

Abantwana balambile!                              The children are hungry!

(Second click)

Ndachol’itik’egos’eQonce                        I picked up an old penny at eQonce

Ndathenga ngayo eQonce                      I used it to buy at eQonce

(Third click- San)

We gxa wa thithi gxa gxa                     

[Note: The last lines of this work are of the sacred San language and awaiting translation]

Ayi shakla je!! 

We gxa gxum gxath’                                                    

We thithi gxa gxa! M’gcaa

Download the score for eQonce – Dizu Plaatjies