Z Mnyandu

Mrs Ziphokuhle Nyandu had her own style of performing the Umakhweyane. According to Dave Dargie; ‘when Mrs Nyandu was preparing to perform the song We! Mangwane, Brother Clement turned to me and said, “Now she is going to play the bow upside down.” The significance of this did not strike me at the time, but it meant that she was about to use a different pattern of tonality shift and a different scale. But for Mrs Nyandu ideas of tonality shift and scale were implied, not expressed. Princess Phumzile Mpanza introduced Mrs Nyandu and her twin sister Mrs U.E. Zulu to Dargie in 1982 and they were both uMakhweyane players. (Dargie, 2007).


Dargie, D., 2007. Umakhweyane: A musical bow and its contribution to Zulu music. Journal of the International Library of African Music, Vol 8 no. 1, 60 – 81.