Prince G Zulu

Prince Gideon Layukona kaMyayisa Zulu of KwaMinya Manzi was born on 1 January 1934. He was the KwaZulu-Natal Social Welfare and Pensions MEC.  As a politician he was closely tied to the Inkatha Freedom Party and its leader Prince Mangosuthu Buthelezi. He passed away on 16 May 2006 from a cancer-related illness.

Zukile Majova reported on his life on IOL, saying that ‘He was a Zulu traditionalist and a historian of the Zulu royal bloodline … When on a public platform, Zulu always ensured that he invoked warrior pride among his Zulu audience, and this would often see regiments, clad in traditional Zulu garb, jumping up from their seats armed with shields and assegais (spears) in mock battle formations.’


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