Since 1961, SAMRO has been South Africa’s music rights champion. We protect the rights of composers and authors (music creators) both locally and internationally. Collecting licence fees from music users – television broadcasters, radio stations, in-store radio stations, pubs, clubs, retailers, restaurants and all other businesses that broadcast, use or play music.

SAMRO also plays a vital role in funding and supporting music and arts education through the SAMRO Foundation. It also boosts the local music industry by hosting regular seminars and workshops, and supporting conferences such as MOSHITO, to help foster and develop creativity across all categories and genres of music.

SAMRO is committed to being a world-class African copyright administration business that upholds the highest standards of corporate governance, business ethics and management in its quest to make a valuable and lasting contribution to the lives of its members, to South African cultural heritage, and to the music industry in general.

The Corporate Social Investment arm of SAMRO, the SAMRO Foundation is involved in outreach programmes and sponsorship of the arts. The main objective is to create and maintain an environment in which the arts in South Africa may flourish. This includes giving broad support to composers, musicians, and arts organizations in South Africa. The Foundation offers some of the largest scholarships and bursaries for music students in the country, and our Overseas Scholarships have helped boost the careers of many well-known performers.

The SAMRO Music Archive, which holds over 100,000 music scores, serves as a resource for researchers and artists. Through our newly created Stakeholder Hub, we build relationships with other arts organizations and help incubate growing businesses. SAMRO Foundation has undergone a lot of growth recently, and we will always stay true to our vision of investing in the value of music.

Promotion of the National Arts